Parisian Baguette - CDA

17 oz

This artisan-style Parisian bread is the queen of French bread. It is crafted using a proprietary European-style baking technique, a traditional recipe and the champagne of wheats. With its lovely caramel color, crusty exterior and soft crumb interior, this baguette is irresistibly delicious and like no other.

Parisian Baguette


Ingredients: Unbleached enriched wheat flour, Water, Yeast, Salt, Sugars (dextrose), Oat hull fibre, Monoglycerides, DATEM, Ascorbic acid, Amylase, Pentosanase, Glucose oxidase, L-cysteine hydrochloride.

Contains: Oats, Wheat.

May contain: Eggs, Milk, Pecans, Soy, Sulphites.

Product Details

SKU: 24972
GTIN/SCC: 10013087249726
Pieces Per Case: 20 (Includes Retail Bags)
Frozen Shelf Life: 270 Days
Thawed Shelf Life: N/A
Kosher: OU
Product is Shipped Frozen

Handling and Preparation Tips


  • Thaw at room temperature (20°C / 68°F) for 30 minutes.
  • No proofing required.
  • Preheat convection oven to 190°C / 374°F and bake for 13-15 minutes.
    (Note: Time and temperature may vary depending on oven.)

Product Information

Nutrition Facts
Per 1/10 Loaf (48g)
Calories 120
% Daily Value*
Fat 0.5 g 1 %
Saturated 0.1 g
+ Trans 0 g
1 %
Carbohydrate 25 g
Fibre 1 g 4 %
Sugars 1 g 1 %
Protein 4 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 230 mg 10 %
Potassium 50 mg 1 %
Calcium 10 mg 1 %
Iron 1.75 mg 10 %
*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot
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